Patterns for Investment Casting


Is FOPAT a Styrofoam material?

No, FOPAT is a polyurethane material that is made in a completely different way than Styrofoam.


What is the cost of FOPAT?

FOPAT is comparable in price to a complete wax pattern and may be more cost effective as size increases.


Can I buy a FOPAT Machine?

At this point in time we only sell patterns, but, depending on volume of patterns needed we may be able to place a unit at your facility.


Where can I buy FOPAT patterns?

You can contact your company specific distributor located on the home page or you can contact FOPAT directly at 1-888-99FOPAT or email Please note that FOPAT is a patent pending product that can only be bought from FOPAT or its distributors.


Can FOPAT withstand the buoyancy forces of a dip tank?

FOPAT is stronger than wax and the thousands of castings made so far, no issues have arisen. Fopat is about 10 times more dense than polystyrene and much stronger.


Will autoclave cause FOPAT patterns to crack my shell?

Autoclave is not recommended for FOPAT patterns and is not needed. FOPAT can be autoclaved if they are attached to wax runners, however, the wax will have to find a way to escape the shell as FOPAT will not absorb wax or be removed from the shell during autoclave. FOPAT can be put through the autoclave without cracking depending on the part and gating geometry.


Can I make my sprues and runners out of FOPAT?



How big can FOPAT patterns be?

We have injected patterns 60″ long and up to 8″ thick. Size or thickness is no issue with FOPAT.


How do I join FOPAT patterns to a wax tree?

Typical “sticky wax” is the preferred method.


Can I use an oxy torch around FOPAT?

It is not recommended to use an oxy or gas mini torch around FOPAT as it can cause the material to burn or distort. A hot knife or a hot air torch can be used around FOPAT with normal care and will not cause any issues.


If I break the surface of a FOPAT pattern, will it absorb the slurry?

Any broken surfaces should be repaired with wax to insure there is no opening into the pattern. While FOPAT is a closed cell foam, it may absorb small amounts of slurry through an open area.


How long will FOPAT patterns last?

When stored in typical wax room conditions, FOPAT patterns can last many months with no distortion or moisture pick up.


If my air conditioner goes out during the summer, will it ruin my FOPAT patterns?

Not at all. FOPAT can withstand temperatures in excess of 150F with no distortion.


Can I use soluble cores with FOPAT?

Yes you can, and FOPAT is not affected by any acid leaching of the soluble wax as long as the surface is intact. In fact, some have even eliminated the traditional soluble wax and replaced it with typical pattern wax and then melted out the wax inside the FOPAT pattern at 150F.


Can I use ceramic cores with FOPAT?

Yes! In fact early trials have shown FOPAT patterns to be very friendly to ceramic cores and may even reduce core breakage during injection.


How do I eliminate the FOPAT pattern?


What is the ash content of FOPAT?

Approximately 0.0000 when burned out at 2000F using a standard investment casting industry accepted ash test.


Can FOPAT patterns be used with Titanium alloys?

Yes and because of the low ash content, it may be a better material to use for patterns.