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FOPAT Signs Deal with Two

FOPAT Production Inc. Signs Deal with Two Major Distributors Serving the Investment Casting Industry

Miamisburg, Ohio (January 14, 2010) –, Inc. a leading provider of metal castings, announced today their manufacturing company, FOPAT Production Inc. has extended their distribution channel through a new agreement with Ransom & Randolph and Buntrock Industries Inc. Ransom & Randolph of Maumee, Ohio, manufactures ceramic shell and solid mold investment casting materials and has served the investment casting industry since World War II. Buntrock Industries, located in Williamsburg, Virginia and in Portland, Oregon, provides over 300 products and materials and has been selling to the investment casting industry since 1973.

Effective immediately, the agreement entitles Ransom & Randolph and Buntrock Industries Inc. the rights to sell and distribute FOPAT (custom made FOam PATterns to investment casters). Both companies will utilize their sales force to strengthen FOPAT’s presence in the investment casting market. FOPAT is a smooth surface foam that is dimensionally accurate. It will replace wax in the lost-wax process and overcome the limitations of wax such as shrinkage and handling issues. FOPAT also allows casting designers to expand the design envelop to do complex shapes or thin sections.

“Both distributors’ network and customer contacts will provide us with the market penetration needed to reach our full sales potential. FOPAT Production Inc. has considered many distribution partners and we are confident that Ransom & Randolph and Buntrock Industries will help us deploy this engineered product in the investment casting market,” said Neil Chaudhry, COO of, Inc.

“FOPAT has been producing an advanced, dimensionally accurate, temperature-stable, energy efficient, cost-effective, and smooth surface foam and the process to produce full scale patterns for the investment casting industry. The minimal pattern shrinkage produces stable patterns with minimal or no shell cracking defects, while stiffer patterns improve handling and avoiding creep issues typically present in wax. Patterns can also be shipped & stored without heat damage or distortion,” said Bob Dzugan, President of buyCASTINGS.

“Ransom & Randolph has a long history of being the innovator in investment casting binders that provides significant value and technological benefits to the industry. We believe that the FOPAT material fits into our product and technology portfolio very well and we anticipate that the industry will embrace this new pattern technology. Our Sales and Technical teams have been fully trained on the FOPAT material and are excited to help customers realize the benefits of this material. We are looking forward to bring this technology to market” said Steve Lazenby, Vice President & General Manager at R&R.

“Buntrock Industries is pleased to have been selected by FOPAT to assist in marketing this new technology. Our company has always embraced new innovations in both materials and equipment. We feel we take a holistic approach to the entire investment casting process and see a nice fit for FOPAT in our industry,” commented Kermit Buntrock, president and owner of Buntrock Industries. founded in 2000, is an independent business-to-business (B2B) emarketplace where buyers/designers, foundries and suppliers to the metal casting industry come together as a community to take advantage of the efficiencies of e-commerce. buyCASTINGS has been listed two years straight (2008 & 2009) as one of the Inc500’s fastest growing companies in America. For more information about buyCASTINGS, visit its website at

FOPAT Production Inc., a spinoff company of, is engaged in the development and production of foam patterns for the investment casting industry. For more information, please visit

Ransom & Randolph develops, manufactures and supplies materials for ceramic shell, solid/block mold, and jewelry investment casting. R&R is strongly committed to providing its customers with innovative, high quality products and exceptional technical service and customer support. For more information about Ransom & Randolph, visit its website at

Buntrock Industries serves only the investment casting industry and is unique in that it offers over 300 items which were specially developed, selected and or designed for use by that industry. These items cover all phases of the investment casting process and include both the process equipment and the materials that are consumed in the process. Buntrock Industries takes pride in the uniquely qualified layers of technical support that we offer to our customers and the companies we represent. For more information about Buntrock, visit its website at