Patterns for Investment Casting

FOPAT Begins Production

FOPAT Investment Casting Technology Begins Production

DAYTON, OH (JANUARY 19, 2009) –, Inc. Dayton, Ohio is pleased to announce that they have completed their expansion to a new 14,000 sq. ft. facility in Miamisburg, OH (a suburb of Dayton).  This move will allow buyCASTINGS to expand their corporate offices and add manufacturing space to their operation.  buyCASTINGS raised capital to launch FOPAT Production Inc. (FPI) which will be the spin-off entity in charge of production scale up and commercialization of FOPAT, a foam pattern-making technology developed with the support of the Department of Energy, Department of Defense, United States Air Force, Defense Logistics Agency, General Electric, Pratt & Whitney, Precision Cast Parts Corp. and others.

FOPAT offers the potential for saving energy, reducing cost, and extending the design capabilities of investment cast parts for defense and commercial applications.  Several foundry trials are underway and numerous customers have expressed interest in FOPAT.  Samples are being tested for gates, sprues, runners, and chills in addition to investment patterns and Stereolithography or SLA-replacement patterns.  A few other proprietary applications are under development as well.  FOPAT Evaluation Packages are now available which allow customers to test parts which are custom made to address their needs., launched in 2000, is an independent business-to-business (B2B) e-marketplace where buyers/designers, foundries and suppliers to the metal casting industry come together as a community to take advantage of the efficiencies of e-commerce.  buyCASTINGS has now become an expert source for all metal castings.

FOPAT Production Inc., a spin-off of is engaged in the development and production of foam patterns for the investment casting industry.