Patterns for Investment Casting

FOPAT Advantages

Lower Cost Tooling

Alternative and lower cost tooling methods can now be realized in production of patterns with FOPAT.  Since FOPAT is injected at a very low pressure and utilizes an exothermic process, little to no heat is required to be added or removed from the tooling material.  This allows less energy intensive and less expensive tools than traditionally used in wax molding.  FOPAT can be produced from tooling made of epoxy, stereolithography (SLA), liquid silicone rubber (LSR), and low cost aluminum tooling.  Quick turnaround allows FOPAT the ability to expedite and reduce lead time on tooling.


More Scalable than Wax

FOPAT custom designed equipment allows for greater in production through-put with multi shots in seconds, and a variable shot setting.  Several molds are handled simultaneously.  The FOPAT production process is fast and scalable.  Our quality system monitors and controls all process variables.  The production set-up allows for prototype to production quantities.


Engineering Services

FOPAT Production Inc. (FPI) provides various engineering services. We can assist with tooling, pattern production, additive manufacturing, 3D & solidification modeling, and reverse engineering. Our facility and engineers have the capability and experience to take your ideas from prototype to production in providing the highest quality foam patterns and engineered foam products through a reaction injection mold (RIM) process.


Global Logistics

FOPAT’s light weight material, superb temperature stability, and its tough durability allows global distribution to multiple foundries.  OEM’s (original equipment manufacturer) have the ability to use multiple suppliers.  These benefits offer lower freight charges, elimination of cracked or broken wax patterns, increased through-put, and on-time delivery.  FOPAT patterns can be shipped easily anywhere in the world.