Patterns for Investment Casting

FOPAT Advanced Foam Material

Foam Patterns Replace Wax in Investment Casting FOPAT is an innovative material designed to make accurate patterns. This green technology reduces energy costs for Aerospace, Industrial Gas Turbine, Medical, and other part manufacturers. FOPAT makes it possible to manufacture metal parts that are often difficult, costly, and impossible to cast or machine using standard methods.
Alternative and lower cost tooling methods can now be realized in production of patterns with FOPAT. Since FOPAT is injected at a very low pressure and utilizes an exothermic process, little to no heat is required to be added or removed from the tooling material. This allows less energy intensive and less expensive tools than those traditionally used in wax molding.
FOPAT can be produced from tooling made of epoxy resin, stereolithography (SLA) resin, liquid silicone rubber (LSR), and low cost aluminum tooling. Quick turnaround gives the ability to expedite and reduce lead time on tooling.

ATD Machining

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